Real world and make believe world

As a writer I spend a lot of time in a world that is more or less my creation.  I can write a scene where someone dies and then decide, oh no that is too sad, and change it.  It is a world that I love, I do really love writing.  And that control over events is part of the pleasure.  The real world does not look like that at all.

Most of us have limited control over the events that effect us in the real world.  We exist in a complicated atmosphere where people and events can cause tremendous impact but are not controllable.  Family is probably the best example of a world that is beyond our ability to control.  Anyone with children or grand-children will understand the limits we have in this world to make things happen the way we want.

After thought, I have decided I will devote more time to the make-believe world and hopefully write some interesting stories, and spend less time trying to understand why the real world seems to involve so much pain.

One of my favorite songs is “Good Night Irene” sung by Leadbelly.  Music more than anything else captures the sadness of life.  I hope my writing captures some of the joy.

Blue Door Inn Mystery update

I was advised that a very poor post would be something along the lines of “just finished another 5,000 words in the latest book”–well sorry but just finished another 5,000 words in the latest book.  One of the more difficult aspects of writing is to continue to write when you are not particularly in the mood.  It is like having to go to work when you would rather do something else.  But I have discovered that some of my best writing occurs in those kind of periods.

I am working on the first Blue Door Inn Mystery series book.  The main characters are Joe and Michelle from The Bootlegger’s Legacy.  Michelle has retired and they purchased a bed and breakfast in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Joe was my favorite character in TBL–which was probably obvious.  His dry humor is very comfortable for me and it makes it easy to write his comments.  In the new series he will have the opportunity to become an amateur sleuth to the dismay of Michelle.  And will expand on his love of food with a run at being the Inn’s resident chef.  All stuff I enjoy writing about.  

As part of this new series each book will include some of my favorite southwest cuisine recipes.  I will post them as they are included in the book.

Reader comment and New video trailer

Received an interesting email from someone reading my book.  They were upset with one of the more dramatic aspects of the book.  I was pleased.  It is great to have someone respond to something you have done that was creatively correct but very difficult to write.  I cannot tell what this is without spoiling the book.  But it was very satisfying to have a reader react just as they should.

Have a new trailer for the book.  That is two that are available on youtube or you can see them on the web site

Book reviews

Like many things in our world today consumer reviews have a major impact in buying decisions–from where you eat to what kind of car you buy.  And of course they are a factor in decisions regarding what books you read.

In the past we looked to “professional” critics to provide us with information about books, movies, plays and restaurants.  Today the consumer’s opinion is king.  I know I use these opinions in my purchase decision process.  When I am shopping on-line the consumer reviews are almost always something I read–and while I will ignore the ones who seem to be out of line with everybody else I do look at both good and bad.

If you have had a chance to read The Bootlegger’s Legacy it would be very helpful for you to contribute your review to one or more of the on-line retailer sites. 

Social media

The Bootlegger’s Legacy mostly takes place in a time without cell phones and no social media.  Today’s most recent generations seem to develop their identities around Facebook or Twitter.  My grandson, Dylan, is 23 and of the generation that would be lost without a cell phone.  With his guidance The Bootlegger’s Legacy now has a page on Facebook and Twitter.  Dylan will be handling most (all) of the communication and postings.  You might want to check it out and see what he is up to–I am sure it will be interesting.

Favorite Books or Authors

I was preparing answers to a questionnaire the other day on which it asked what was my favorite book.  There was no way I could decide on only one book.  At various times in my life certain books were more important than others but there has not been one that was absolutely the favorite.  Maybe you have one book that is your absolute favorite but mine would be a ever changing (and growing) list.

In my college days I remember reading Dr. Strangelove (before I saw the movie- out loud with a rowdy group of friends) and Catch-22.  I thought those books were something special by genius level authors.  I had loved tons of sci-fi books during high school with Vonnegut being my favorite author.  About that same time I read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  I was amazed at the effort involved in writing those stories.

I have had a long term love of mysteries.  Probably have read most of the best known mystery writers with a real attachment to the British understated style–such as Agatha Christie.  Raymond Chandler help establish a whole genre of detective stories which I have enjoyed.

Current mystery authors on my list are: Mark Gimenez, Todd Borg, Michael Connelly (great Bosch fan), Sheldon Siegel, J.A. Jance, C.J. Box and Stuart Woods.